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Gemstone Meanings



Abalone Shell: harmony in relationships, gentleness, intuition

Agate: protection, confidence, luck, strength

  • Blue Lace: calms and soothes nerves

  • Botswana: exploring the unknown, being true to oneself

  • Crazy Lace: laughter, decision making, focus, protection

  • Dalmation: joy, cheerfulness, humour

  • Dendritic: abundance, enjoyment of each moment

  • Fire: vitality, energy, overcoming addictions

  • Moss: balances emotions, strengthens positive traits

  • Tree: relaxation, abundance, contemplation, healthy plants

Alexandrite: believed to be a master healer, regenerative, creativity, manifestation

Amazonite: well-being and health, calms emotions (worry, fear)
Amber: regarded as a powerful healing stone, sacred to native cultures, memory
Amethyst: spirituality, meditation, creativity, addiction release, restful sleep
Ametrine: peace, lifts depression, clarity, releases blockages
Ammonite: seen as healing, energy flow in body (Feng Shui), luck
Ammolite: protection stone, childbirth, supports new projects
Anandalite: reveals soul’s purpose, joy, clearing, balancing
Angel Aura: clearing, contact with Angels, past-life remembrance
Angelite: peace, balance, awareness, connectivity to Angels
Apache Tear: protects aura from negativity, comfort in grief, luck
Apatite: creativity, intellect, reduces appetite
Apophyllite: meditation, connection to spiritual realms
Aqua Aura: inner beauty, intuition, communication, calmness
Aquamarine: clarity, calmness, tolerance
Aragonite: centering, patience, meditation
Astrophyllite: heightens perception, releases old patterns
Atlantisite: peace, calmness, emotional balance, awareness
Aventurine: said to heal childhood and life traumas, soothes suffering

  • Aventurine (blue): patience, mental/emotional flexibility, strength to endure illness and pain

Azeztulite: enlightenment, evolution, purity, positivity, flow

  • Azeztulite (gold): master manifestation stone, openness to Spirit and flow, harmonizes actions with will, focuses intention


Barite Rose: stimulates dreaming and dream recall, motivation
Beryl: sociability, relationship
Bismuth: helps with feelings of isolation, help a team achieve its goals
Bloodstone: good heart, circulation, vitality
Boji Stone: grounding, balances male and female energy
Bronzite: willpower, confidence, empowerment



  • Angel Wing: spirituality, meditation, relaxation

  • Cobaltoan: love, compassion, self-discovery (life purpose)

  • Blue: calmness of mind and emotions

  • Green: wisdom, applying past lessons to the present, soothes pain (migraines)

  • Optical: regarded as a healer, for clearer vision, communication

  • Orange: joy, happiness, humour

  • Pink (mangano): forgiveness, love, releases fear/grief/anxiety

  • Red: willpower, vitality, uplifting, removes stagnant energy

  • White: new beginnings, motivation, purification

Carnelian: energy, prosperity, business success, awareness
Cat’s Eye: intuition, confidence, happiness, good luck
Celestite: celestial connections, spirituality, calmness
Chalcedony: creativity, artistic expression, goodwill
Chalcopyrite: (peacock ore), perception, protection
Charoite: openings, opportunities, new possibilities, optimism
Chiastolite: protection, balances left and right brain
Chrysacolla: balances and clears emotions (fear, guilt, anxiety, tension), feminine healer
Chrysoprase: awakening hidden talents and true potential
Citrine: prosperity, abundance, joy, manifestation of your visions
Clevelandite: life changes, equanimity, intuition, transformation
Copper: arthritis and rheumatism, joint pain relief
Covelite: promotes humility, well-being, self-acceptance, self-love
Creedite: procrastination, decisions, access ancient knowledge


Danburite: opens the heart, cooperation, enhances intellect
Desert Rose: grounding, clarity of thought, serenity
Diamond: purity, clarity of the Higher Self, faithfulness
Dioptase: forgiveness, release, acceptance of change
Dumortierite: organization, discipline, acceptance of reality



Emerald: tranquility, virtue, love, prosperity
Epidote: enhances perception, offers courage and self-esteem


Fairy Stones: friendship, prosperity, protection, good luck
Flint: strength and insight to deal with stressful situations
Fluorite: harmony, balance, meditation, brings order to chaos
Fulgurite: transformation, prophecy, manifestation


Garnet: sexuality, emotional depth and commitment

  • Garnet (black): honesty, truth, dispels negative emotions

  • Garnet (green): confidence, stability in challenges

Gold: symbol for immortality, eternity and excellence
Goldstone: ambition, energy, courage, confidence, optimism

  • Goldstone (blue): expansive vision, creativity, self expression


Hematite: grounding, memory, concentration
Hemimorphite (blue): self-development, inner strength
Hemimorphite (pink): goal-setting, responsibility, relieves angst
Herkimer Diamond: believed to be healing, magnifies energy and intention
Hiddenite: new beginnings, acceptance, links mind and heart
Howlite: restful sleep, self-acceptance, generosity, releases anger
Hypersthene: self-esteem, expression, ease in social situations


Infinite: (regarded as a healer’s stone) for healing physical and emotional pain
Iolite:  spirituality, inner guidance, soul connection


Jade: love, attraction, good luck, prosperity

  • Jade (lemurian): wisdom, gratitude, protection, balances male and female energy, good for couples

Jasper: grounding, will-power, organization, honesty, imagination

  • Green: said to be for health/healing, rejuvenating sleep, empathy, compassion

  • Leopard Skin: spiritual discovery, considered to be self-healing

  • Ocean: joy, high spirits, self-love, benevolence

  • Picture: harmony, releases repression, alleviates fear

  • Polychrome: stability, passion, vitality, balances emotions

  • Rainforest: meditation, change and progress

  • Red: protection against negativity, insight, dream recall

  • Zebra: procrastination, endurance, action towards goals

Jet: reduces mood swings, depression and fears



Kunzite: opens the heart, strengthens the mind against mental illness
Kyanite: spirituality, balances chakras, tranquility, loyalty, honesty

  • Kyanite (black): decisiveness, clears blocked energy



Labradorite: strength, personal growth, life changes

  • Labradorite (golden): visualization, clairvoyance, channeling

Lapis Lazuli: self-expression, communication, creativity
Larimar: tranquility, new perspectives, release of old patterns
Lepidolite: reduces stress, despondency, mental illness
Lodestone: magnetic, draws out pain from tissues


Malachite: transformation, releases unconscious trauma
Meteorite: for contemplation upon infinity, space and time
Mica: grounds one in reality and positivity
Moldavite: accelerated spiritual growth and evolution
Mookaite: dream exploration, grounding, connection to Earth
Moonstone: travel protection, calms emotions, intuition

  • Moonstone (rainbow): travel, luck, beginnings and endings, nurtures feminine energies and cycles

Moqui Ball: vision quests, balances male/female energies
Morganite: Divine love, attracts love, trust, inner joy, strength
Mother of Pearl: peace, believed to hold the healing energy of the sea, equanimity



Nebula Stone: renewal, fulfillment, highest aspirations
Nuummite: (magician’s stone) protection, grounding, meditation



  • Black: protection from negativity, strengthens energy field

  • Mahogany: strength, belief, faith

  • Rainbow: prophesy, psychic ability, perception, acute senses

  • Sheen: hidden talents, aligns one’s will to the Divine Will

  • Snowflake: purity, balances mind, body and spirit, change

Onyx (black): protection, alleviates grief
Opal: hope, good dreams, childbirth

  • Opal (fire): awakens inner fire, hope, success in business

  • Opal (peruvian blue): soothing, enhances communication

Orgonite: protection from EMF, transmutation of energy


Pearl: faith, charity, innocence, overcoming oppression and pain
Peridot: clarity, patience, positive outlook
Petalite: higher awareness, insight, consider for familial healing, vision quests
Phenacite: clears, cleanses, activates chakras, spiritual growth
Picasso Stone: (artist stone) removes artistic blocks, creative inspiration, self-discipline, friendship
Pietersite: balances chakras, meditation, conflict resolution
Petrified Wood: past-life recall, longevity
Prehnite: receptivity, self-love, spiritual growth, boosts immunity
Pyrite: protection from negative vibrations, very grounding
Pyrite Sun: strengthens mind, luck, optimism in difficult times


Quartz Crystal: (regarded as a master healer) magnifies energy/intentions

  • Brandberg: compassion, forgiveness, believed to be for healing

  • Candle: insight into life mission, fulfillment, hope, faith, belief

  • Double Terminated: focuses energy through both points

  • Elestial: (regarded as a master healer) transformation, wisdom

  • Lemurian Seed: equality, unconditional love, spirituality

  • Nirvana: unconditional love, elevated consciousness

  • Phantom: patience, trust in the universe, for stagnation

  • Rose: opens the heart to give and receive love

  • Rutilated: freedom, repels negativity, balances emotions/body

  • Satya Mani: clarifies energy, inner truth, spiritual awareness

  • Smoky: learning, thinking, creativity, protects from negativity

  • Snow: wonder, innocence, hope, awareness, control of tantrums

  • Star Rose: radiates unconditional love

  • Tangerine: open-mindedness, eases shock and trauma

  • Tibetan: connects to “Om” and ancient cultures, centering


Rhodochrosite: love, balance, heart, sexuality, finding soulmate
Rhodonite: love, forgiveness, understanding, opens one’s heart
Rhyolite: believed to be for past-life healing, moving forward, self-respect
Rose Aura: helps with emotional trauma, forgiveness, loving-kindness
Ruby: passion, courage, strength, virtue, commitment, protection
Ruby in Fuchsite: positivity, self-worth, composure


Sandstone: creativity, understanding, cohesiveness, solidarity
Sapphire: wisdom, joy, mental peace, intuition, awareness of beauty
Sardonyx: strength, willpower, integrity, stamina, vigour, happiness and stability in marriage and partnerships
Scolecite: expressions of love, pleasant dreams/sleep, team spirit
Selenite: energy, calms hyperactivity, balances confusion, decisions

  • Selenite (fishtail): awakens inner child, stabilizes emotions

  • Selenite (peach): emotional transformation, self-acceptance

Septarian: open communication in groups, flexibility, tolerance
Seraphinite: Divine Feminine, living from the heart, angelic connections, enlightenment
Serpentine: clears paths for Kundalini to rise, meditation
Shattuckite: reconciliation, renewal, harmony
Shiva Lingam: unites male and female energy, wisdom, clarity
Shungite: (stone of life) EMF protection, recovery
Sodalite: facilitates group functions, self expression, truth, trust
Specularite: protection, grounding, manifesting talents, said to be for healing
Spirit Quartz: cooperation and intimacy in relationships
Staurolite: (fairy cross) protection, group rituals and prayers,
Stibnite: journeying, releases negativity, helps cut unwanted ties
Stilbite: creativity, intuition, openness, potent detoxifier
Stromatolite: persistence, stability, maturity, versatility, brainstorming, good for group think tanks
Sugilite: regarded as a powerful healer, awareness, self-confidence, conflict resolution, reduces over-sensitivity
Sulphur: absorbs negativity, removes barriers to progress
Sunstone: warms the heart, lifts and rejuvenates the spirit, contact with spirit guides, luck


Tanzanite: leadership, speaking the truth, links heart, mind, voice
Tektite: strengthen aura, enjoyment of the present, balances male and female energies, releases fear
Tiger Eye: wealth, manifestation, patience, focus, courage, confidence, will-power, determination

  • Blue: communication, reduces stress and phobias, public speaking, calms quick tempers

  • Red: composure, creativity, cooperation, quick thinking/action

Topaz (blue): reliability in word and action, truthfulness, forgiveness, maturity, vision
Topaz (imperial golden): health and wealth, inspiration, personal success, optimism, eliminates procrastination

  • Black: protects against negativity, radiation and external influences, promotes relaxation and sleep

  • Green: abundance, health, environmental awareness, goodwill

  • Pink: trust in love, communication, understanding in conflict

  • Watermelon: activates heart chakra, love, friendship, security

  • In Quartz: strength, self-acceptance, compassion, harmony

Turquoise: (regarded as a master healer) travel protection, intuition, friendship


Ulexite: dream interpretation, revelation, clarity of vision
Unakite: seen to be a past-life healer, psychic vision, negates EMF fields


Vesuvianite: inquiry, cooperation, lifts anger, depression, fear


Zincite: manifestation, energy, creativity, personal strength
Zoisite: truth, clarity, decisiveness, manifestation of true self
Zoisite with Ruby: psychic ability, altered states, creativity

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